Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Herbs On The Heart

My first album is out of print. No longer in the catologue of the record company, which is sad. When it was published it got great reviews....'another Martin Carthy or Nic Jones' were among the many positive comments. If you own one hold on to it,its a fine album - sorry to sound imodest but it is somehow in its naeivity a pure album, no tricks, simple and clear.....and some of those songs take me back to my early days.
The album was published in 1983 on the Fellside label, courtesy of Paul Adams. It was recorded as I recall over two consecutive weekends in his tiny studio in Workington,Cumbria. Nowadays it tends to take me a year or more to make an album without the luxury of a 'Producer' like Paul.
There was always a problem with the cover pic on 'Herbs On The Heart' . It was excellent in its original black and white but an attempt to add a 'sepia touch' to it went wrong and for some unknown reason it was never corrected by the record company or the manufacturers. I think they expected me to fade into the woodwork and never make another album.
I have to say that I was taken aback by the many accolades the album received and the record company admitted that they hadn't expected such great feedback.
Anyhow the songs have stood the test of time. Songs such as Death Of Nelson, which I had composed a few years earlier, 'Whitby Whaler' which is still, despite its popularity, unavailable in its original form, on record at this time. 'Every Time' - loved by many in the folk scene , Sue Jones ,  a friend from the West of England related that many years ago she witnessed a Morris Side at Bromyard Folk Festival dancing to the very same tune.....
I am doing what I can to bring my repertoire 'home' to my own 'Klondike'record label and soon I hope that all these old songs will be once again available to the listener from my own catalogue.
I succesfully re-published my album 'Darklands' (1989) - available as a down load now on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc and will be following it up with a CD in the near future.
If in the meantime you have a 'surplus' of any of my old vinyl LP's and you want to send it to a 'good home' then get in touch as I know there are people out there who would love to hear or own them..