Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hello and Welcome to Richard Grainger's Blog

Well this is fantastic to be able to put some thoughts and experiences from my dusty old road and from my home base too in Yorkshire- about my take on things in my very busy musical life.

I suppose this is a bit of change for me as I am quite confident in stringing words together in front of an audience and performing. I am o.k too sitting and writing songs and poems . But this is something different - actually stringing more than a few phrases together - a whole new field for me anyhow.

So be patient as I gradually hone whatever skills I might need to bring to this
It was my neighbour in Commondale , Chris - a mountain bike officionado who eventually inspired me to blog.
In the fullness of time I'll add her blog details and if you have an interest in mountain biking- then follow her blog - looks really interesting if you're into that kind of thing.

I actual enjoy riding my bike too,whenever I can - though at the moment it's broken and in need of repair. I'm in Ontario as I write this and although I love touring with my guitar at home and abroad my mind can so easily take me back to riding up there on the moors, with my two lads close to where I live up the Esk Valley in the small village of Commondale, one of them way ahead and the other way too far behind.

Anyhow my life is rich with music and musicians and maybe over the months I'll get a chance to introduce you to some of my favourites.

The main purpose is to give you a soundtrack to my own touring life, my music ,songs ,the wonderful places and people I have got to know and those I am able to discover as I wend my way through this incredible world of ours.....

I cant promise to write every day but once in a while if there's something to hold your interest I will put pen to paper
Before taking up the pen myself I have read several artists blogs and frankly they do seem to me to have spent a lot of time in airports, travelling, breaking down and generally telling people where they are going to or coming back from and not much more content than that.

I will do my best to make your reading time worthwhile - bear with me as give this blogging thing a try........

First of all I am here broken down in this airport on my way to, from......

Looking forward to it already

See ya !



  1. Great start, Richard...I look forward to stories of Richard on the Road.

  2. Richard...
    Good start to the blog :)
    wonderful having you here in Ontario Canada. Lookong forward to your next vist at the end of July.